About the Author

About the Author

Author Photo_Laura Throne_Forgiveness-Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace

Author Laura Throne has lived in four different countries and now resides in Ottawa, Canada with her two children. By writing her memoir, she hopes to inspire people to change their lives and connect to their heart and soul. This is her first book.

Laura’s book was published in the summer of 2020. She always knew she had a purpose. She believes she was inspired by Higher Realms to share her story with the world and spread the message of forgiveness and the power of gratitude. Two years later, she realized how important it is to share these messages with humanity. Kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and acceptance are keys to achieving our inner peace and happiness and increasing our vibration.

Her main motivations for writing Forgiveness were to fulfill her destiny, empower women, help others and share her story with her children.

Laura likes to swim, ski, skate, dance, and practice yoga. She enjoys reading, gardening, and connecting to nature. She meditates regularly. Laura provides individual coaching sessions to help people achieve balance, happiness, and harmony in their lives.