"It is time to raise our vibration and increase the level of our consciousness.
Kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and acceptance are keys to achieving our inner peace and happiness. My memoir will help you discover small miracles in your life and see how difficult life situations can help your soul grow so you can reach your true potential. "
Author Photo_Laura Throne_Forgiveness-Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace
Forgiveness-Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace by Laura Throne


Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace

Have you ever experienced a wake-up call – a profound, transformative event – in your life? Or are you living your life on autopilot, unconsciously focused on material possessions while neglecting your soul, your feelings and your intuitions?

Forgiveness: Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace will take you on a fascinating journey through the author’s real-life experiences as she provides practical advice to achieve a more conscious and aware approach to life. It will show you how accepting change and facing the unknown can create wonderful new opportunities.